Resident Evil 4 Remake - Chapter 6: The Checkpoint walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 6 takes players to three different locations and demands them to survive the most difficult challenges facing the villager horde and Mendez.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 6: The Checkpoint walkthrough

Leon had to take whatever necessary measures to protect Ashley's safety in Resident Evil 4 Chapter 5, where players had to guide Ashley to the Villa on the other side of the Village while navigating a deadly storm and lots of enemies.

Now, moving ahead in the story, we have RE 4 Remake Chapter 6.

In Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 6, Leon and Ashley must fight a variety of deadly enemies as they try to escape the Ganados who are pursuing them on the orders of an unknown force. This chapter concludes Resident Evil 4's village section with a dramatic climax as players battle hordes of foes and the sickness that is gradually consuming them.

We have detailed a complete Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 6 walkthrough for you to have a smooth journey in the game.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 6 Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 6 Summary reveals: After Hannigan informs Leon that the chopper cannot land due to the bad weather, Leon and Ashley try to find another way off the island.

Players will go to 3 different locations and fulfill five major objectives in Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 6.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 6 locations

  • Gorge
  • Checkpoint
  • Slaughterhouse

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 6 objectives

  • Escape from the Village
  • Flee from the Villagers
  • Defeat Mendez
  • Escape the Slaughterhouse
  • Escape from the Village

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Let's get into our Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 6 walkthrough now.

RE 4 Remake Chapter 6: Escape from the Village

After reintroducing players to the mysterious Ada Wong, Leon receives a call from Hunnigan describing how the dangerous weather makes it hard to land a helicopter.

Leon keeps moving forward in an effort to find an alternate path off the island after learning the terrifying news from Hunnigan that the helicopter cannot land any time soon.

Till you locate the torch with the Purple Flame, continue on the way. Inside is a shop, and now is a good opportunity to stock up on supplies like weapons and ammunition.

Open the wooden gate and enter after finishing all of your preparations. By creeping through and hiding behind the wooden walls, you can get past the Ganados. However, attacking one of them will notify the Ganados of your existence, and they will try to attack you as you walk forward.

Open the second wooden gate once you've passed the first one to continue moving deeper into the Checkpoint. You can discover a small shed to your left just past the second gate. Go inside, take out the lone Ganados hiding in the bushes, and then take out the chest to get the Chalice of Atonement.

You will encounter a big locked gate at the path's end. Two Ganados will be waiting for you on the path left of the entrance. Take them down and climb the high wooden platform into the shelter.

You can locate a bridge leading to an adjacent high platform inside the shelter. To get the Elegant Headdress, use the Old Wayshrine Key on the wooden mechanism.

A broken stairway leading to the lower floor can be found within the house next to the locker. You're going to be facing the Chainsaw Sisters soon, so get down there and make all the preparations you need.

As soon as you're prepared, engage the Checkpoint Crank next to the wall to start the cutscene.

In addition to the Chainsaw Sisters, other Ganados will show up to target you, and in order to prevent the introduction of new foes, concentrate on eliminating the Chainsaw Sisters first.

After that, take the Checkpoint Cranks from Chainsaw Sisters' bodies'. Attack the remaining Ganados outside, then make your way back to the massive, locked wooden gate. To open the gate, turn the Checkpoint Crank on it.

Head outside after using the Checkpoint Crank to open the gate to discover an abandoned home. You can enter through the damaged roof and proceed by going to the front door. Then to start the cutscene with Mendez, proceed along the path to the wooden gate and interact with it.

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RE 4 Remake Chapter 6: Flee from the Villagers

Mendez is going to come after you after breaking the wooden gate you entered through, whereas the other Ganados will start attacking you from the houses uphill. Here it is important to prioritize taking out the Ganados while moving through the area swiftly. But don't spend too much time battling the Ganados since Mendez will be slowly pursuing you from behind.

To start the next cutscene, move to the catwalk on the left as soon as you are at the cliff's edge.

Once Mendez is successfully avoided and the bridge collapses, take the path to the sign that says Matadero.

Head up the stairs to the left to enter the Slaughterhouse after replenishing supplies and ammunition from the neighboring merchant. Mendez will attack Leon as you move through the Slaughterhouse, starting the subsequent cutscene.

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RE 4 Remake Chapter 6: Defeat Mendez

After firing an explosive barrel close to Mendez, Leon sheds his trench coat, exposing his hideous appearance beneath. Head up the elevated platform so you can shoot Mendez from the top.

Mendez will become paralyzed once he has taken enough damage, at which point you can crawl below him and stab the big eye on his back. When Mendez has taken enough damage to be defeated, a sequence will be initiated in which his torso and legs are split.

Mendez will drop his legs and apply the tendrils on his back to grab hold of the wooden ceiling beams. You must shoot at Mendez while avoiding the scorching objects he throws at you in order to defeat him in this form.

Mendez will periodically approach you in an attempt to hit you with a melee attack. However, Mendez will become paralyzed once again after taking enough damage, allowing you to stoop down and stab the big eye on his back.

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RE 4 Remake Chapter 6: Escape the Slaughterhouse

Bitores will finally be vanquished, and you'll get Mendez's False Eye, a valuable item you can sell for a high price. This damage can be built up either from the back of the room by blowing barrels in his face or by stabbing his weak place when he falls close.

Ashley yells at you to go right away, but don't worry, you'll still have plenty of time to make sure the area is cleared devoid of any stuff you might have failed to take during the fight.

Once you've collected everything, you can leave the burning slaughterhouse by using the window Ashley smashed in the cutscene, which is located close to Mendez's left.

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RE 4 Remake Chapter 6: Escape from the Village

Now that there is just one way forward, make sure Ashley is once again sprinting beside you and take care of your ammo and health before continuing. Soon after turning a bend, the massive castle will come into view.

It will rise up behind you when you cross the bridge, blocking off any pursuing parties but also forcing you deeper into this enigmatic realm if you want to survive.

The end of RE4 Remake Chapter 6 should be indicated by a cutscene in which the drawbridge is raised.

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Whether you've or you haven't played the original, Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapters all feature some exhilarating gameplay.


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