Honkai Star Rail Dr. Ratio: element, rarity, abilities, and leaks

Discover all there is to know about Dr. Ratio in Honkai Star Rail, from their element and rarity to their abilities and any leaked details.

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Honkai Star Rail Dr. Ratio will be released in the later version of the game

The release of Honkai Star Rail, the latest game from HoYoverse, has taken the gacha market by storm, surpassing even the popularity of Genshin Impact.

With such a dedicated fanbase and a thriving community, it's no surprise that leakers are actively uncovering exciting new content, including some mysterious characters. As the community enjoys the latest content, some leakers have been revealing details about upcoming units. There have been recent leaks from HSR_stuff about the Element and Path of Dr. Ratio, a new 5-star character that is expected to be released in a future patch.

In this article, we'll delve into everything we know about this new character, HSR Dr. Ratio, from his element and abilities to his rarity and more.

HSR Dr. Ratio

According to a reliable source named Blednaya, a character model of Dr. Ratio has been created based on data that was obtained through mining.

The model appears to have some similarities with Jing Yuan in terms of physical appearance and facial expressions. Additionally, Dr. Ratio is seen wearing a distinctive outfit with a white and blue color scheme.

Dr. Ratio model render via yarik and Blednaya
by u/erikahrna in HonkaiStarRail_leaks

HSR Dr. Ratio's Element: Imaginary

According to leaks, Dr. Ratio is an Imaginary character in Honkai Star Rail.

Initial rumors speculated that he might belong to the Erudition unit, but more recent leaks suggest that he will be a part of The Hunt. However, there is still some uncertainty about his class.

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HSR Dr. Ratio Rarity Speculation: 4-Star or 5-Star?

The exact rarity of Dr. Ratio remains a topic of debate among leakers.

Early leaks indicated that he might be a 4-star unit, but newer sources claim that he will have a 5-star rating. This discrepancy has caused some confusion among players, but only time will tell the true rarity of this intriguing character.

HSR Dr. Ratio's Abilities

As we delve deeper into the leaked information, we get a glimpse of impressive Dr. Ratio abilities and potential impact in battles:

Skill: Dr. Ratio deals IMG (Imaginary) damage to an enemy and receives a skill buff if the target is affected by any negative effects.

Ultimate: Dr. Ratio unleashes an attack that deals Imaginary damage to a single enemy. The damage inflicted increases based on the total number of negative effects present on the target.

Talent: When using Basic Attack or Skill, Dr. Ratio randomly gains one of the following buffs: ATK (Attack) buff, CRIT (Critical Hit) buff, CRIT DMG (Critical Damage) buff, or SPD (Speed) buff, each lasting for three turns.

Technique: Dr. Ratio utilizes his Technique to taunt enemies, drawing their focus towards him, while simultaneously reducing their SPD (Speed) for two turns.

Character Details: Dr. Ratio 4* Imaginary The Erudition via Mero
by u/erikahrna in HonkaiStarRail_leaks

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Dr. Ratio's skill showcases his capacity to turn the tide of battles and capitalize on the enemies' vulnerabilities. His ultimate ability is the indication of the character's proficiency in exploiting enemy weaknesses to deal devastating blows. His talent showcases Dr. Ratio's adaptability and the potential to boost his combat prowess further. And his technique allows him to control the battlefield and disrupt the enemy's plans.

However, there is currently no information available about when Dr. Ratio will be released.

As the Honkai Star Rail community eagerly awaits the introduction of Dr. Ratio, speculation and excitement continues to grow. His unique abilities, element, and potential rarity have become talking points among players, and the anticipation for his official release is palpable.

Keep in mind that this information is based on leaks, and while leakers have been accurate in the past, details may still be subject to change. As we eagerly await official announcements from HoYoverse, we can't help but wonder how Dr. Ratio will fit into the world of Honkai Star Rail and what adventures await players in the company of this enigmatic character.


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