Honkai Star Rail For I Have Touched the Sky Quest: HSR 1.2 mission guide

Check out our guide for completing HSR 1.2 Mission of the Honkai Star Rail "For I Have Touched the Sky" companion quest to progress through the game easily.

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Honkai Star Rail For I Have Touched the Sky Quest: HSR 1.2 mission guide

The latest update of Honkai Star Rail, version 1.2, has brought a plethora of exciting content for players to explore. Among the highlights of this update is the addition of new story quests, events, and changes to the banner. Additionally, Trailblazers can now embark on Yukong's companion mission, "For I Have Touched the Sky," delving into her backstory and uncovering the secrets that lie within the Exalting Santum's sky dome malfunction.

In this guide, we will walk you through the entire Honkai Star Rail For I Have Touched the Sky Mission questline, step by step, ensuring that you make the most of this captivating storyline in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail For I Have Touched the Sky Quest: HSR 1.2 mission guide

Before you can dive into Yukong's companion mission, you must first fulfill the prerequisites.

Once you have accomplished the "A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant" Trailblaze Mission, you will be eligible to proceed with "For I Have Touched the Sky." After completing the prerequisites, you will receive messages from Xikui, unlocking the HSR 1.2 mission.

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Let's delve into the Honkai Star Rail For I Have Touched the Sky Quest's journey and complete it with finesse.

HSR 1.2 Mission Part 1: Rescuing the Missing Pilot

  1. Meet Welt at Stargazer Navalia: Head to the objective marker at Stargazer Navalia and meet with Welt.
  2. Scan for the Missing Pilot, Qingni: Use the Cycrane to scan the area and locate the missing Starskiff pilot, Qingni. She should be atop a blue cargo box surrounded by Abundance Sprite: Golden Hounds.
  3. Confront Qingni and Battle the Golden Hounds: Approach Qingni and engage in a brief conversation, followed by a battle with the Golden Hounds. Consider including an Ice character in your team to exploit their elemental weakness.
  4. Yukong's Arrival and Another Battle: Yukong will join the scene with Cloud Knights to aid in the rescue mission. Engage in another battle with the Golden Hounds, this time exploiting their Fire and Wind elemental weaknesses.
  5. Revelations and the Palace of Astrum: Following the battles, a heated argument between Yukong and Qingni will ensue, revealing their relationship as mother and daughter. Head to the Palace of Astrum in the Central Starskiff Haven to meet Yukong.
  6. Confrontation at the Palace: The argument continues between Yukong and Qingni at the Palace. After the cutscene, talk to Yukong to receive the Longevity Pill of Cruelty.
  7. Accompany Qingni: Leave the palace and accompany Qingni to the next area.

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HSR 1.2 Mission Part 2: The Search for the Lost Trinket

  1. Locating Yukong's Trinket: Qingni seeks your help in finding Yukong's missing trinket at Stargazer Navalia. Head back to the location and utilize the Cycrane to locate the square-shaped object atop a container near the staircase.
  2. Inquiring with Jing Yuan: Qingni suggests seeking information about Yukong's past from Jing Yuan. After the conversation, you will receive the Divine Arrow Embers.
  3. Meeting Jing Yuan at the Seat of Divine Foresight: Head to the Seat of Divine Foresight and deliver the Divine Arrow Embers to Jing Yuan.
  4. Learning about Yukong's Past: Engage in a dialogue with Jing Yuan to gain insights into Yukong's history. As a reward, you will receive Jing Yuan's Memories.
  5. Returning to the Palace of Astrum: Return to the Palace of Astrum and talk to Qingni. She will request you to find Yukong's Diary.
  6. Uncovering Yukong's Diary: Examine the computer and check the nearby bookshelf to obtain Yukong's Exchange Diary.
  7. Yanming's Interference: Yanming will interfere, and you will have to choose between exchanging the diary, Jing Yuan's Memories, or Divine Arrow Embers to proceed.
  8. Unveiling More Secrets: Check Yukong's desk and select the "under the desktop" option to acquire Caiyi's Exchange Diary, which contains additional information about Yukong's past.
  9. Meeting Welt and Yukong: Talk to Welt and proceed outside the palace to meet with Yukong.

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HSR 1.2 Mission Part 3: Concluding the For I Have Touched the Sky Quest

  1. Delivering Caiyi's Exchange Diary: Finally, hand over Caiyi's Exchange Diary to Yukong to conclude the "For I Have Touched the Sky" companion mission in Honkai Star Rail.

Rewards and In-Game Resources of Honkai Star Rail For I Have Touched the Sky Quest

Upon successful completion of the HSR 1.2 quest, you will be rewarded with 100x Stellar Jades, 450x Trailblaze EXP, and other valuable in-game resources, making this captivating journey even more rewarding for dedicated Trailblazers.

The Honkai Star Rail For I Have Touched the Sky companion mission offers players a chance to delve deeper into Yukong's backstory and explore the complex relationship between Yukong and Qingni. Through battles, revelations, and a journey to uncover lost trinkets and diaries, players will immerse themselves in a captivating narrative that sheds light on the enigmatic world of Honkai Star Rail.

Embark on this exciting questline, unravel the mysteries of the Exalting Santum, and forge an unforgettable bond with Yukong and Qingni. The "For I Have Touched the Sky" companion mission awaits your valor and resolve in Honkai Star Rail!


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