HSR Jingliu Banner: 4-star characters and light cone in version 1.4 leaked

Players are eagerly awaiting HSR Jingliu Banner in version 1.4, but leaks have already revealed the 4-stars and abilities of this upcoming character. 

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HSR Jingliu Banner: 4-star characters and light cone in version 1.4 leaked

It has been officially confirmed by HoYoverse that Jingliu, a five-star character in Honkai Star Rail, is making her debut. She hails from the Path of Destruction and wields the power of the Ice element, making her a formidable asset for dealing damage to multiple enemies at once.

Players can expect a dedicated HSR Jingliu banner in the near future, and we've gathered all the essential details, including information about 4-star characters, release dates, abilities, and more.

Is there an HSR Jingliu Banner?

Indeed, as a prestigious 5-Star character with an official character card reveals, it's highly probable that there will be a Jingliu banner in Honkai Star Rail v1.4. Her character card was unveiled on August 15 through the Honkai Star Rail Twitter account, confirming her impending arrival in the game.

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HSR Jingliu Banner 4 stars

Leaked information suggests that Jingliu banner will make an entrance alongside another highly-anticipated character, Topaz. In addition to these 5-star characters, reliable community leakers have disclosed the lineup of 4-star characters set to accompany Jingliu and Topaz on their respective banners.

The leaked roster of HSR 1.4 banners 4-star characters includes Tingyun, Sampo, Qingque, Luka, Sushang, and the introduction of Guinaifen.

Here are the HSR 1.4 banner 4-star characters:

HSR Jingliu banner 4 stars:

  • Tingyun
  • Sampo
  • Qingque

HSR Topaz banner 4 stars:

  • Guinaifen
  • Luka
  • Sushang
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Leaked 4-star characters of Jingliu banner

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HSR Jingliu Release Date

The leaks hint that the Jingliu banner will be released in Honkai Star Rail in the upcoming version 1.4, expected to launch around October 11, 2023. Topaz, another highly-anticipated character, is also anticipated to debut alongside Jingliu.

However, it's worth noting that the 1.3 update already introduced three characters, including 5-star characters Fu Xuan and Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae. Jingliu, being confirmed as an upcoming 5-Star character, may not have enough space in the banner schedule for the next major update if the 1.3 leaks hold true.

Given that both Jingliu and Topaz received official character cards in August, players are speculating that Jingliu banner's arrival in the game is imminent.

All HSR Jingliu Leaked Abilities

A trusted leaker, ThorisIlian, shared Jingliu's abilities on Reddit shortly after the release of the Honkai Star Rail trailer. Below, you'll find a rundown of Jingliu's abilities in the game. However, please bear in mind that none of this information has received official confirmation from HoYoverse yet.

  • Lucent Moonglow (Basic attack) – Deals Ice DMG to a single enemy.
  • Transcendent Flash (Skill) – Deals Ice DMG to an enemy and gains two stacks of ‘New Moon’.
  • Precipitous Blossoms, Fleeting as Stellar Dreams (Ultimate) – Deals Ice DMG to one enemy and surrounding enemies. If Jingliu is in the ‘Transcendence’ state, she gains two stacks of ‘Moonlight’ after attacking. If not, she gains two stacks of ‘New Moon.’
  • Crescent Transmigration (Talent) – With four stacks of ‘New Moon,’ Jingliu enters the ‘Transcendence’ state and sacrifices her and the party’s HP to increase her ATK. During the ‘Transcendence’ state, ‘New Moon’ turns into ‘Moonlight’ and Jingliu enhances her skill. She leaves the ‘Transcendence’ state when ‘Moonlight’ reaches 0.
  • Innermost Nature (Technique) – Jingliu gains two stacks of ‘New Moon’ at the beginning of a battle.
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Jingliu splash art reveal confirmed her arrival in the HSR 1.4 banner

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HSR Jingliu Eidolons

  1. The Moon Offends the Heavenly Court: If only one enemy is attacked by Jingliu’s Ultimate or enhanced Skill, damage originally dealt to adjacent targets is also dealt to the main one.
  2. Illuminated Seven Stars: While in Transcendence, the HP of Jingliu and her teammates are increased, as well as the maximum Attack obtained.
  3. Half Hope: Ultimate and Talent gain Two Levels (up to level. 15).
  4. Holding the Moon: Increases Damage dealt by Jingliu while in Transcendence state by the same amount of Moonlight stacks.
  5. Obscured Into Three: Skill gains Two Levels (up to level. 15), and another gains One Level (up to level. 10).
  6. Disintegrating into Hollowness: When in Transcendence, Jingliu gains more Moonlight stacks and raises the maximum number reached.

HSR Jingliu Traces

  1. Dead End: Following Skill usage, there's a base probability of freezing the target for a certain number of turns. While frozen, targets are incapacitated and experience extra Ice damage at the start of each turn.
  2. Sword Guard: While in the [Transcendence] state, SPD receives a percentage increase.
  3. Frozen Soul: When damaging foes susceptible to Ice, Crit Rate encounters a percentage enhancement.

Jingliu appears to be a unique and potentially challenging character, likely best suited for expert players. To maximize her potential, she may require the support of a capable healer and a supportive character, given the risky nature of her Ultimate. Players are already pondering her stats and whether her skills justify the associated sacrifices.

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HSR Jingliu Light Cone

As a five-star character, Jingliu will come with her own signature Light Cone upon her arrival in Honkai Star Rail. Here's the leaked description of her five-star Light Cone:

This Body is a Sword

Increases the wearer’s Skill DMG. When the wearer uses their Ultimate, immediately restores Energy and increases the wearer’s CRIT DMG, which lasts for a number of turns.

It appears that Jingliu's Light Cone is well-suited for DPS characters in Honkai Star Rail, although it's essential to note that these details are subject to change pending official confirmation from HoYoverse.

HSR Jingliu Trailer

The Honkai Star Rail trailer, titled "A Flash," offers glimpses into the game's lore. It showcases Jingliu in her role as Jing Yuan's mentor during his youth and also depicts an adult Jing Yuan instructing a young Yanqing in the ways of the sword. The Cloud Knights and the Xianzhou Alliance, central to the second main adventure in Honkai Star Rail, feature prominently, featuring several powerful characters that players are eager to add to their teams.

According to the Honkai Star Rail trailer, Jingliu once served as the master of Jing Yuan before a fateful encounter with Mara drove her to madness. In the midst of her own turmoil, she imparted crucial wisdom to Jing Yuan, preparing him for whatever challenges lay ahead.

On August 15, HoYoverse unveiled Jingliu's character card, designating her as "one of the legendary heroes comprising the High-Cloud Quintet." However, the specific version of Jingliu that players will be able to get with the HSR Jingliu banner remains undisclosed.


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