Honkai Star Rail Acheron - abilities, traces, eidolons, and leaks

Acheron is a much-awaited 5-star Lightning character on the Path of Nihility. Her main skill is applying flowers to foes, and here we go over her kit, abilities, and mats in detail.

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Honkai Star Rail Acheron

Recently HoYoverse disclosed that Honkai Star Rail Acheron will be a forthcoming 5-star character that will be made available with the 2.1 update. She is one of the most anticipated characters based on the community reaction to her recent drip marketing posts on X.

Also, according to leaks, two new 5-star characters, including the Acheron, will be included in the Honkai Star Rail 2.1 banner, which is scheduled to launch in late March 2024. Hence, here we will talk about HSR Acheron and determine if Stellar Jades should be saved for her banner or not.

Who is Acheron in Honkai Star Rail?

According to lore, Acheron is a Galaxy Ranger who travels the universe with a long sword by her side and an unidentified true identity. Her lightning-fast scabbard attacks make her a fearsome force despite her calm and controlled personality.

After Kafka, Acheron will be the second Lightning DPS character to walk the Path of Nihility. Her major skill set is debuff application and attacking opponents with the greatest amount of Flowers, therefore she may be used as the primary DPS in a variety of team configurations.

Honkai Star Rail Acheron Voice Actors

While the character is yet to make an official appearance in the game, we do know about Acheron's voice actors. Here are the VAs of Acheron:

  • Chinese: Ju Huahua (known for portraying characters like Raiden Shogun and Raiden Mei)
  • Japanese: Miyuki Sawashiro (renowned for voicing Kurapika of Hunter x Hunter, Celty Sturluson of Durarara, and Joleyne Cyjoh of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  • English: Allegra Clark (popular for voicing Maki Zenin of Jujutsu Kaisen and Shamir of Fire Emblem, among others)
  • Korean: Park-Ji Yoon
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Honkai Star Rail Acheron Abilities

Here are the publicly disclosed abilities of the Honkai Star Rail Acheron kit:

HSR Acheron Basic ATK - Trilateral Wiltcross

Gains 1 point of Slashed Dream. Then inflicts 1 stack of Crimson Knot on a single target enemy and deals Lightning DMG equal to 50% (130%) of Acheron's ATK to them.

HSR Acheron Skill - Octobolt Flash

Gains 2 points of Slashed Dream. Inflicts 2 stacks of Crimson Knot on a single target enemy and deals Lightning DMG equal to 80% (200%) of Acheron's ATK to them, as well as Lightning DMG equal to 30% (75%) of Acheron's ATK to adjacent targets.

HSR Acheron Ultimate - Slashed Dream Cries in Red

  • Triggers Rainblade, dealing Lightning DMG equal to 14.4% (28.8%) of Acheron's ATK to a single target enemy and removing up to 3 stacks of Crimson Knot from the target enemy.
  • When Crimson Knot is removed, immediately deal 1 instance of Lightning DMG equal to 9.0% (18.0%) of Acheron's ATK to all enemies. Each stack of Crimson Knot removed will increase the DMG multiplier by an additional 9.0% (18.0%).
  • Rainblade can be activated 3 times, which then immediately activates Stygian Resurge, dealing Lightning DMG equal to 39% (78%) of Acheron's ATK to all enemies and removing all Crimson Knots. During the Ultimate, Crimson Knot cannot be inflicted on enemies.

HSR Acheron Talent - Atop Rainleaf Hangs Oneness

  • When Slashed Dream reaches 9 points, the Ultimate can be unleashed. The Ultimate ignores Weakness Types and depletes enemies' Toughness, as well as reducing all enemies' All-Type RES by 10% (25%) until the end of the Ultimate.
  • When any character uses their ability to inflict debuffs on an enemy target, Acheron gains 1 point of Slashed Dream and inflicts Crimson Knot on the enemy target. This effect can be triggered up to 1 time per action. If the ability inflicts debuff on multiple enemies, Crimson Knot will be inflicted on the enemy with the most Crimson Knot stacks.
  • When Acheron is on the battlefield, Crimson Knot on the defeated enemy target will be retargeted to the enemy target with the most Crimson Knot stacks.

HSR Acheron Technique - Quadrivalent Ascendance

  • Immediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle, Acheron gains 2 point(s) of Slashed Dream and deals Lightning DMG equal to 80% of Acheron's ATK to all enemies, as well as inflicting 2 stack(s) of Crimson Knot on a single random enemy.
  • If the enemy has Red Karma, they will be immediately defeated and will not enter combat. The Technique Point is not spent if the attack does not hit an enemy.
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Honkai Star Rail Acheron Traces

The three HSR Acheron Traces and their effects are listed below:

Trace 1 - Red Ogre: 

  • At the start of battle, immediately gain 4 point(s) of Slashed Dream and apply 4 stack(s) of Crimson Knot to a random enemy.

Trace 2 - The Abyss: 

  • When there are 1/2 other character(s) following the Path of Nihility in the team, increase the DMG of Acheron's Basic ATK, Skill, and Ultimate to 115%/160% of the original DMG.

Trace 3 - Thunder Core: 

  • When the Ultimate's Rainblade hits an enemy target with Crimson Knot, increase the DMG dealt by Acheron by 30%. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times, lasting for 2 turns.

Honkai Star Rail Acheron Eidolons

There are multiple Acheron eidolons, each of which has a unique effect and are listed below:

  • Eidolon 1 – CRIT Rate increases by 18% when dealing DMG to debuffed enemies.
  • Eidolon 2 – The number of characters on the Path of Nihility required for the highest value of the Trace, The Abyss, is reduced by 1. At the beginning of Acheron's turn, gain 1 point of Slashed Dream. Additionally, inflict 1 stack of Crimson Knot on an enemy with the most Crimson Knot.
  • Eidolon 3 – Unknown at this time
  • Eidolon 4 – When using the Ultimate, inflicts Ultimate DMG Vulnerability to all enemies, increasing the Ultimate DMG taken by 12%, lasting for 2 turn(s).
  • Eidolon 5 – Unknown at this time
  • Eidolon 6 – The Ultimate's CRIT DMG increases by 60%, and the DMG from Acheron's Basic ATK and Skill will be considered as Ultimate DMG.

HSR Acheron Light Cone

As of this writing, there have been no disclosed leaks on the capabilities of Acheron's signature Light Cone. However, other DoT Light Cones, such as Eyes of the Prey, could be considered alternatives for best-suited Acheron weapons.

Honkai Star Rail Acheron Materials and Stats

New HSR 2.1 beta leaks have also revealed Acheron stats and Acheron mats:

Acheron Materials:

  • Shape Shifter's Lightning Staff (x65)
  • Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster (x12)
  • Heaven Incinerator (x139)
  • Starfire Essence (x69)
  • Fiery Spirit (x18)
  • Dream Making Engine (x73)
  • Dream Flow Valve (x71)
  • Dream Collection Component (x56)

Acheron stats 

  • Attack
  • Critical Damage 
  • Lightning Damage

HSR Acheron Trace Materials

After we successfully raid Acheron, we need to handle her Traces:

  • Tracks of Destiny x8
  • TBA x12
  • TBA x41
  • TBA x56
  • TBA x58
  • TBA x18
  • TBA x69
  • TBA x139
  • Credits x2,197,500

Honkai Star Rail Acheron Release Date

Players can anticipate HSR Acheron to debut during the first phase of version 2.1 on March 27, 2024, even though the game's developer, HoYoverse, has not given an official statement. However, as the publisher has revealed the character first, its banner will be revealed during phase 1 of the HSR 2.1 banner.

Overall, Acheron will definitely make for an interesting character on your team, and players can anticipate changes to the way that strategic team compositions and combat dynamics work. Because Acheron's Flowers are exclusive to her, she doesn't work well with other Nihility characters. However, she may be used in a variety of hypercarry teams, which can greatly increase her damage. Also, by increasing Attack Percentage, Critical Chance, and adding utility to her ultimate, Acheron's Eidolon upgrades further amplify her flexibility.


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