Honkai Star Rail Aventurine - abilities, traces, eidolons, and leaks

Aventurine, a stellar 5-star Preservation Path character wielding Imaginary powers in Honkai Star Rail can inflict the potent Imprisonment debuff. Here we break down his kit and materials for you.

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Honkai Star Rail Aventurine

As version 1.6 gets underway and gamers can now claim Dr. Ratio for free, a lot of players are searching for leaks and speculation about what's going to happen next. Well, Aventurine has been revealed by HoYoverse to be a forthcoming 5-star character that will launch alongside the version 2.1 update. And players are really excited after Star Rail's recent drip marketing campaign for Aventurine.

Here's everything you need to know about Aventurine's banner, kit, traces, and more in case you're debating whether or not to save for him.

Who is Aventurine in Honkai Star Rail?

According to the lore, Aventurine holds the position of IPC's senior manager in the strategic development department. He's characterized as a daring individual who leaves things to fate. Aventurine is also one of the 10 Stonehearts, a prestigious group of IPC leaders that includes Topaz and Numby.

Moreover, Aventurine emerges as a five-star Imaginary element character on the Path of Preservation. Judging by Aventurine's kit, he excels as a Tank unit, providing shields to all allies in the form of suits that endure for multiple turns. These shields can be enhanced with additional DEF and other attributes by reusing his skill.

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Honkai Star Rail Aventurine Abilities

Here's a breakdown of Aventurine's abilities that have been revealed so far:

HSR Aventurine Basic ATK: Intuitive Wager

Deals Imaginary DMG equal to 50% (130%) of Aventurine's DEF to a single enemy.

HSR Aventurine Skill: Cornerstone Deluxe

Provides a Fortified Wager shield that blocks DMG equal to 16.0% (28.0%) of Aventurine's DEF plus 80 (410) points to all allies for 3 turn(s). When Aventurine uses the same ability again, he will increase the Shield effect by the same amount. When gaining Fortified Wager repeatedly, the Shield effect stacks up to 32% (56%) of Aventurine's current DEF plus 160 (820) points.

HSR Aventurine Ultimate: Lord of Roulette

Gains 1 to 7 Blind Bet randomly, then increases CRIT DMG taken by a single target enemy by 9.0% (18.0%) for 3 turn(s) and deals Imaginary DMG equal to 162% (324%) of Aventurine's DEF.

HSR Aventurine Talent: Sights Aimed Right

The Effect RES of allies possessing Fortified Wager increases by 25% (62.5%), and after they are attacked, Aventurine will gain 1 Blind Bet. Aventurine can resist Crowd Control debuffs when possessing Fortified Wager. This effect can be triggered once every 2 turns, and gain an additional Blind Bet after being attacked. When the number of Blind Bet reaches 7, Aventurine consumes 7 Energy to 7 follow-up attack hits. Each hit will deal Imaginary DMG equal to 12.5% (31.25%) of Aventurine's DEF to a random enemy. The maxinum number of Blind Bet is 10.

HSR Aventurine Technique: The Red or the Black

After using the Technique, 1 of the following effects will be granted, and only the latest effect will be kept:

  • There is a chance for DEF to increase by 36%.
  • There is a high chance for DEF to increase by 24%.
  • There is a small chance for DEF to increase by 60%.

After entering the next battle, Aventurine increases DEF by the corresponding amount, lasting for 2 turn(s).

Honkai Star Rail Aventurine Traces

Trace 1: Leverage

  • If Aventurine's DEF is higher than 1600, then his own CRIT Rate increases by 2% for every 100 DEF exceeding that value, up to an increase of 40%.

Trace 2: Hot Hand

  • At the start of the battle, provide a Fortified Wager Shield to the entire team. The Shield effect equals to 80% as that provided by the Skill, lasting for 3 turn(s).

Trace 3: Bingo!

  • After an ally possessing Fortified Wager launches a follow-up attack, Aventurine will gain 1 Blind Bet. This effect can be triggered at most once. 
  • When Aventurine's turn begins, the number of triggers of this effect will be reset. 
  • After Aventurine launches a follow-up attack from their Talent, provide all allies with a Fortified Wager shield that blocks 7.2% of Aventurine's DEF plus 96, and provide an additional Fortified Wager shield to an ally with the lowest shield value that blocks DMG equal to 6% of Aventurine's DEF plus 80, lasting for 3 turns.

Honkai Star Rail Aventurine Eidolons

Aventurine's eidolons come with unique effects at different levels, offering a range of benefits and buffs.

  • Eidolon 1 – CRIT DMG of allies possessing Fortified Wager increases by 20%. There is no longer a limit to the number of triggers of the Blind Bet gaining effect from the "Bingo!" Trace. You must first unlock the "Bingo!" Trace.
  • Eidolon 2 – When launching a basic ATK, the target's All-Type RES will be reduced by 12%, lasting for 3 turns.
  • Eidolon 3 – Ultimate lv +2, until lv 15; Basic Atk lv +1, until lv 10.
  • Eidolon 4 – When triggering his Talent's follow-up attacks, Aventurine's DEF first increases by 40% for 2 turn(s). The follow-up attack's Hits Per Action triggered by his Talent additionally increases by 1.
  • Eidolon 5 – Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15; Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
  • Eidolon 6 – For each ally with Shield, the DMG dealt by Aventurine increases by 50%.

HSR Aventurine Light Cone

Unfortunately, information about Aventurine's signature Light Cone is currently unavailable. However, we will update this section as soon as developers or leakers drop any hints.

Gallagher's stats and Gallagher mats

New HSR 2.1 beta leaks have also revealed Aventurine's stats and Aventurine mats:

Aventurine stats:

  • Break Damage
  • HP
  • Effect RES

Aventurine Materials:

  • Suppressing Edict (x65)
  • Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster (x12)
  • Divine Amber (x139)
  • Crystal Meteorite (x69)
  • Scattered Stardust (x18)
  • Shards of Desires (x73)
  • Fragments of Impression (x71)
  • Tatters of Thought (x56)

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Honkai Star Rail Aventurine Voice Actors

Although his official in-game release is pending, we have insights into Aventurine's voice actors:

  • Chinese: Yang Chaoran (known for voicing Alhaitham in Genshin Impact and Dan Feng in Honkai Star Rail, among others)
  • Japanese: Kawanishi Kengo (renowned for his roles in Fate/Samurai Remnant, Nioh 2, Arknights, and more)
  • English: Camden Sutkowski (a versatile actor, producer, and voice actor with notable roles in For Velaris, Until the End, Heartstrings, and more)
  • Korean: Ju-Seung Lee

Honkai Star Rail Aventurine Release Date

Aventurine is set to make his grand entrance in Honkai Star Rail 2.1 banner, anticipated to launch around March 20. Because he and Acheron are the only two new five-star units in this patch, it is possible that he will make his debut in either the first or second phase of the update.

He will most likely be the main character in the HSR 2.1 banner in the second phase of the update, which is expected to happen around April 10 as Acheron was revealed first. This timeline corresponds with the release that happened when the new Penacony area was introduced.

In summary, since Aventurine is a member of the Preservation Path, his primary concentration is on protection, but he can also do a lot of damage and engage in some serious path-crossing. Aventurine's Eidolon is also being improved, which increases his adaptability and gives players more options for character-building.


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