Upcoming Honkai Star Rail Characters: New 5-star and 4-stars leaked

New leaks have revealed a long list of upcoming Honkai Star Rail characters that might appear in HSR 2.2 to 2.6 banners.

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Upcoming Honkai Star Rail Characters: New 5-star and 4-stars leaked

Honkai Star Rail fans were treated to the 2.0 update last week, and it didn't disappoint with its narrative, which turned out to be less "positive and wholesome" than initially suggested by certain writers. This version introduces three new playable characters—Black Swan, Sparkle, and Misha—alongside fresh areas to explore and innovative puzzle-solving mechanics. Looking ahead, the anticipated HSR 2.1 Update, originally slated for this week, has been postponed by a week due to the Chinese New Year festivities.

With the HSR 2.1 banner, we will be getting Aventurine and Acheron as the new five-star characters. Moreover, the addition of a new four-star character, Gallagher, further enriches the roster in this update. That's not all though. Leaked information has also provided a sneak peek into the future, outlining a list of upcoming Honkai Star Rail characters potentially appearing in banners from versions 2.2 to 2.6. In this article, we delve into the leaked details of the upcoming HSR characters and what players can expect from them.

Upcoming HSR Characters: Honkai Star Rail 2.2-2.6 banner

The following is a list of leaked upcoming HSR characters that should be available in version 2.x and later:

  • Sam
  • Firefly
  • Robin
  • Boothill
  • Duke Inferno
  • Akash
  • Caterina
  • Constance
  • Dubra

Honkai Star Rail Sam

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Sam, who has the Fire element, is one of the highly anticipated 5-star characters in HSR. Operating in the Destruction Path as a Stellaron Hunter member, Sam's skills involve sacrificing Max HP for potent Fire damage, with additional advantages against Fire-weak foes.

Sam maintains a strong damage reduction while boosting ATK and speed in the Red Temperature condition. Even with energy recovery turned off, Sam emerges from this state following a countdown. At lower health levels, talents can reduce damage by up to 40% while granting energy based on lost health. Sam's method makes them a formidable foe by restoring health and raising Max HP for upcoming fights.

Honkai Star Rail Firefly

During the 1.6 version announcement, Firefly—an upcoming Honkai Star Rail character—was formally introduced. Several leakers claim that she will make her debut in the Penacony arc. Moreover, there are rumors that Firefly is Sam's pilot, another Stellar Hunter member.

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Firefly identifies herself to the Trailblazer as a native and a member of the Iris Family. In addition, Firefly states that she performs on stage and works as a guide close to Glaux Avenue. Although Firefly's kit has not yet been verified by HoYoverse, credible leaks indicate that she will be a Fire element character in the Path of The Destruction. She will therefore inflict huge Fire DMG on both AoE and single-enemy targets.

Honkai Star Rail Miss Robin

Trailblazers will also see Miss Robin, the sister of Mr. Sunday, at Penacony. Because of her grace and beauty, she is a soprano who is well-known across the cosmos and is often the center of attention.

Leaks claim that Robin is a Physical element character in Honkai Star Rail's Path of The Harmony. This implies that as a support character, her area of expertise will be increasing teammates' talents. The fact that Robin is singing during the celebration honoring Xipe, the Aeon of Harmony, is the only clue we currently have about any component of her kit. Given that music and Harmony share a similar path, this suggests that she might be headed in that direction already.

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Honkai Star Rail Boothill

New leaks recently shared a brief preview of Boothill's in-game model, and his look is very consistent with his previously disclosed description and illustrated concept art. Since Boothill dresses like a contemporary cowboy, his character design sets him apart from other 5-star units in the game.

Based on leaks, Boothill is a five-star character in Honkai Star Rail who is a member of The Hunt Path and possesses Fire/Physical attributes. Little is known about his abilities, but his distinct appearance has intrigued the community.

Honkai Star Rail Duke Inferno

The Annihilation Gang, an infamous squad famed for wreaking havoc and destruction, is led by Duke Inferno. He seems to be motivated by a desire for devastation and thinks the gods have forgotten about humanity. Duke Inferno is a fiery being that carries a large flaming sword. He is extremely strong and has the ability to teleport and launch deadly attacks.

Ifrit, the true name of Duke Inferno, was created from the Phase Flame following the destruction of his native Fetora by Nanook, the Aeon of Destruction. Duke Inferno will probably use the Fire Damage type, making him a Destruction character. His affiliation with the Ashblazing Grand Duke Relic set suggests that his kit will probably be centered around Follow-up attacks.

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Apart from the ones detailed above, we are yet to get info on Akash, Caterina, Constance, and Dubra. For many of these characters, their elements and Paths remain unknown to us. But since they're all associated with Penacony in some way, there's a good probability they'll appear in one of the HSR banners till version 2.6 releases.


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