Honkai Star Rail Jiaoqiu - element, path, abilities, and leaks

Honkai Star Rail Jiaoqiu's kit and abilities have been revealed by new leaks, and this new HSR character seems to have a skill set similar to Penacony's character.

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Honkai Star Rail Jiaoqiu's abilities, element, and path details have been revealed through leaks

Just over a month remains until the highly anticipated release of the HSR Version 2.1. The developer is providing players with many reasons to be excited about the new world as we have many new characters and events planned in the version, but new leaks are a step ahead and have been revealing new details like the gameplay for the upcoming character Jiaoqiu, who is anticipated to debut during the game's Penacony cycle.

One of the future HSR characters that has been revealed by multiple third-party sources, including Dimbreath, is Honkai Star Rail Jiaoqiu. Additionally, the character's possible kit has been revealed by this reliable leaker, which will probably pique players' interests. Hence we have collected all the information we currently know about Honkai Star Rail Jiaoqiu, his kit, and possible gameplay.

Leaked Honkai Star Rail Jiaoqiu Kit

Judging from the information that can be found online, Jiaoqiu will make his debut in Honkai: Star Rail as a Fire character. He will probably do so in the Nihility Path, where Jiaoqiu's kit is centered around debuff manipulation. As of right now, the following are the only specifics we know about the possible HSR Jiaoqiu abilities:

  • Basic Attack – Applies 1 stack of “Debuff” to 1 target with X base chance for X turns. Deals Fire DMG.
  • Skill – Applies 2 stacks of “Debuff” on target and one on adjacent enemies.
  • Ultimate – Apply 1 stack of debuff to 1 target with X base chance for X turns. Deal 1 hit of Fire DMG. Checks for the enemy with the most stacks, add debuff stack to all enemies so that they all match the enemy with the highest. Applies an aura that heals an ally by Jiaoqiu’s ATK at the beginning of the ally’s turn. Enemies will be damaged at the beginning of their turn which will stack 1 debuff. Enemies will take more damage from ultimates. If an enemy joins the field during the ultimate aura, apply the stacks of debuffs to them

Moreover, Jiaoqiu generates an aura during the Ultimate, providing healing to an ally at the beginning of their turn based on his ATK stat. When an enemy's turn comes, they will also incur damage and receive a debuff stack, which makes them more vulnerable to damage from Ultimates. The negative stack will also be applied to any new opponent who enters the Ultimate aura.

Jiaoqiu kit via dim
byu/-uraume- inHonkaiStarRail_leaks

Honkai Star Rail Jiaoqiu Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Jiaoqiu appears to possess various methods for applying debuffs, making him a valuable support character across different team compositions in HSR and Dimbreath has specifically mentioned a DEF Reduction effect in his kit. 

Jiaoqiu's Basic ATK and Skill both deal a cumulative DEF decrease debuff to the targeted opponent, while their Skill additionally deals damage to nearby enemies. The same DEF decrease debuff is applied to all foes by Jiaoqiu's Ultimate, matching the enemy with the most stacks. Additionally, allies receive a healing aura while enemies receive a DoT.

The currently leaked Jiaoqiu's kit, as several gamers have noted, is consistent with many of Penacony's character skills that have been released, and hence, it seems like Penacony's new characters place a lot of emphasis on debuffs and some of them have abilities that deal damage to opponents.

However, it's crucial to take the leaked information on Jiaoqiu's kit with caution, recognizing that final details may differ upon the official introduction of the character to the game. Still, there's no denying that the leak has generated curiosity and conversation among the game's devoted fan base.


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