Honkai Star Rail Feixiao and Yunli Kits and Abilities Leaked

The Honkai Star Rail Feixiao and Yunli kits have been revealed in new leaks and fans are excited to know the abilities of the two upcoming characters.

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Honkai Star Rail Feixiao and Yunli Kits and Abilities Leaked

During the most recent Honkai Star Rail 2.3 Special Program event, the in-game silhouettes of a few intriguing forthcoming characters were shown, along with the confirmation of Jade and Firefly's June 18 appearance in the HSR 2.3 banner. Among them are the eagerly anticipated Feixiao and Yunli.

Furthermore, fresh information regarding Yunli and Feixiao's abilities has been made public by UBatcha1, a reliable leaker of Honkai Star Rail. These characters, both members of the Xianzhou Alliance, are set to bring unique dynamics to the game’s roster. Here’s a detailed look at their kits and what players can expect from these new additions.

HSR Feixiao: The Merlin's Claw

Feixiao, known as "The Merlin's Claw," is a General of the Xianzhou Alliance, and her abilities reflect a powerful mix of offense and defense. Here are the key points about Feixiao's abilities from the leaks:

  • Weakness Break and Follow-Up Attacks: Feixiao’s kit centers around delivering continuous missile attacks that debuff enemies, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.
  • Special State: When she enters a special state, her movement speed increases, and she can block incoming attacks, providing a unique blend of offense and defense.
  • Evil Version: Interestingly, leaks suggest that Feixiao will appear as an enemy in a future version before her official debut. In this version, she will summon and command enemies in combat.

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According to the leaks, Feixiao’s playstyle will be similar to Topaz, focusing on follow-up attacks and featuring an inbuilt CRIT Rate akin to Jingliu, a five-star Path of Destruction character.

HSR Yunli: The Sword Hunter

Yunli, the granddaughter of General Huaiyan, is another exciting addition to Honkai Star Rail. She specializes in protection and counterattacks, making her a valuable support character. Here’s what the leaks reveal about Yunli’s abilities:

  • Basic Attack: Attacks an enemy with her blades.
  • Skill: Throws a blade behind an opponent, marking the enemy and keeping track of her counterattack count.
  • Ultimate: Deals significant Physical damage to the enemy.
  • Counterattack: Uses multiple blades to attack an enemy, which then shatters, hitting adjacent opponents.

Yunli’s abilities suggest a playstyle similar to Clara’s, but with a focus on speed (SPD boots) rather than attack (ATK boots). Her kit will also benefit from synergy with characters like Topaz or Jade, enhancing her support role.

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Honkai Star Rail Feixiao and Yunli Release Date

Yunli is expected to be released in the HSR 2.4 banner, likely around July 30, following the typical update schedule of Honkai Star Rail. Feixiao’s release date, on the other hand, remains uncertain, but her inclusion in future updates is highly anticipated.

Additionally, other upcoming characters like Screwllum and Jiaoqiu are set to join the roster in version 2.4, bringing new abilities and dynamics to the game. These characters will follow the paths of Nihility and Erudition, respectively, adding depth to team compositions and strategies.

Well, the leaks about Feixiao and Yunli have sparked considerable excitement within the Honkai Star Rail community. Currently, Yunli's primary life objective is to locate and eliminate every cursed sword in the universe. Feixiao is expected to be wielding a dual-wielding weapon, based on his silhouette that was made visible in the Special Program.

However, it should be mentioned that the rumors concerning Yunli's kit may be more reliable than those regarding Feixiao because it is anticipated that she will release Feixiao. Yet leaks are leaks and should be taken with a grain of salt.


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