Honkai Star Rail Lingsha and Moze: Rarity, Path, Release Date, Leaks

Honkai Star Rail Lingsha and Moze are the two new characters that are rumored to join the game in the HSR 2.5 update and beyond, and leaks have even revealed info on their rarity, path, and more.

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Honkai Star Rail Lingsha and Moze: Rarity, Path, Release Date, Leaks

Honkai Star Rail is a popular game, and fans are excited about two new characters, Lingsha and Moze. Recent leaks have given us some information about them, such as when they might come out, how rare they are, and what paths they might follow in the game. However, these details aren't official yet, so it's best to wait for a confirmed announcement.

Meanwhile, let's get into these exciting rumors and get a glimpse of what might be coming soon in the HSR 2.5 update and beyond.

HSR New Characters: Lingsha and Moze

Lingsha and Moze were first talked about in a special live show for Honkai Star Rail 2.3. Fans have been really excited since then, waiting for more news from the game developers.

Leaks say that both Lingsha and Moze will probably come out in the latter part of 2024 or in the HSr 2.5 update and beyond. This matches up with how Honkai Star Rail usually updates, with big stuff happening every few months. However, these are only leaks and speculations for now.

HSR Lingsha

A trustworthy source has shared some info that suggests Lingsha might join Honkai Star Rail in version 2.5. They say Lingsha could be a top-tier 5-star character, meaning she'll probably be super strong in the game.

Honkai Star Rail Lingsha, HSR Lingsha, HSR Lingsha Rarity, HSR Lingsha Path

She's expected to follow The Erudition path, which means she'll probably be really good at dealing damage to multiple enemies at once. Characters on this path are smart and great at planning battles, so having Lingsha on your team could help you beat big groups of enemies.

HSR Moze

On the other hand, Moze is likely going to be a 4-star character and will focus on The Hunt Path. This means he'll probably excel at dealing Lightning damage to single targets. Even though he's not as rare as Lingsha, 4-star characters like Moze often have cool and useful abilities.

Moze's path is expected to be The Nihility, which suggests he'll be all about messing with enemies and controlling the battlefield. This path is great for players who like to play smart, weakening enemies and gaining an advantage with strategic moves.

Honkai Star Rail Moze, HSR Moze, HSR Moze Rarity, HSR Moze Path

Well, players are really excited about the possibility of Lingsha and Moze joining Honkai Star Rail. These new characters in HSR have different skills and stories, which could make the game even more fun. But since this info comes from leaks, it might change. Players should wait for the official word from the game makers.


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