Casemiro talks about his team Case Esports and venturing into other games

Casemiro, the Brazilian player from Real Madrid wishes to enter the world of Esports and expand his feet.

Casemiro - Case Esports
Casemiro talks about the future of Case Esports

Several athletes have joined the field of Esports and have even created their own team, and there is an ever-increasing number of a-list competitors who currently wish to enter the esports area. Perhaps the most significant case is that of the Brazilian player from Real Madrid, Casemiro.

Here the case is that Casemiro already owns a team known as Case Esports, which is currently growing at a good speed. 

Even after being busy with his football and in fact, being an expert footballer, Casemiro additionally commits a great deal of time to his Case Esports team. Moreover, during the Valorant Rising Series, the broadcast team of the Professional Video Game League (LVP) had the chance to talk with Casemiro. 

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The CEO of Case Esports took out a couple of moments and spoke about his wish to be in Esports and creating a great brand.

In conversation with LVP, Casemiro said, "Of course, for me, the first thing is football and after that is the world of video games. I always had the dream of entering this sector and creating my team. I have been studying for many years in order to do things well. I didn't want to put the money in and that's it, but I want to make the decisions myself."

While talking about Valorant, a division where Case Esports is contending right now, Casemiro stated that they have tried the game and clarifies that it's a competitive shooter game that requires a methodology and cooperative energy between the players is more than significant. 

The CEO of Case Esports said, "These guys work long hours and, in the end, they are a family. That's why I like the word work, as it sums up a lot of things." 

Casemiro seemed determined and it is clear from his words that he wished to create a realm of Esports. Casemiro also wishes to venture into other Esports, like League of Legends, and while talking about his interest in LoL, he said, "We also want to have much more relationship with LATAM. What excites me the most is getting that mix between Brazil and Spain. What's more, we want the CS:GO team to be completely Brazilian, it's a very big illusion,"

The Brazilian footballer also talked about the hard work that he puts into his team and the discipline that is needed in any field, he said, "In every sport, there are good and bad moments, it is something normal in life. Still, I think the work you teach people is the most important thing and that's what we teach within Case Esports. When you work well, things end up coming. That's our philosophy, the ethics of Case Esports."

For the time being, Case Esports is growing in the Esports area and they wish to go a lot further. So clearly, the future seems bright for the players in the Case Esports team and for the CEO Casemiro as well in the field of Esports.

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