Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation Board - how to compete Sumeru quests and their rewards

Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation Board tasks are becoming had to complete and hence we have brought you the guide to complete them along with their rewards.

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Genshin Impact Sumeru reputation board

It hasn’t been a week since the highly-anticipated Dendro region of Sumeru was released in Genshin Impact and already, we can see the myriad aspects of its complex ecology and gameplay. We will be talking about the Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation system in this post. If you don’t know what a Reputation system is, let us educate you.

The Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation system offers players weekly tasks that are called Bounties and Requests which are situated in Sumeru. After you complete these tasks, you earn Reputation EXP. Now, these Reputation points will increase your Reputation Level. Each increase in a Reputation Level rewards you with such stuff as Recipes and Blueprints.

The first Level is unlocked by default, and the Recipe you get is that of Butter Chicken. Particularly with the Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation system, when you reach the highest Reputation System, you will be rewarded the Wings of the Forest, which is a forest-green Wind Glider.

When you step foot in Sumeru city in Genshin Impact, you will soon encounter an Effendi. This guy is the Reputation Advisor for Sumeru, and he stands right next to Sumeru’s Reputation Board. Now, this Reputation Board is not immediately accessible. To gain a foothold in the Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation Board, you will have to meet some prerequisites first.

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How to access Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation Board

You will have to pay close attention to Archon Quests. And among them, you will need to have completed Chapter II: Act I – Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark and Act II – The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings.

Now, in Chapter III: Act III – The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings, a series of Quests will face you whose context would be the Sabzeruz Festival. The last of these Quests is called Dawn, and its completion will bring a new World Quest to the table, titled Corps of Thirty Recruitment.

In turn, to be able to start this Corps of Thirty Recruitment, you will have to go to Sumeru City and talk to this Effendi the Researcher guy. In total, there are 23 Sumeru Quests in the Sumeru Reputation. And then, after all these twists and turns, you will complete the World Quest and unlock the Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation Board.

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Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation Board Quests and rewards

Below we include a list of all the 23 Sumeru Quests in the Sumeru Reputation in the format [Sumeru Quest: Reward].

  • Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark: 100 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings: 100 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Gourmet Supremos: Within Our Duties: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • The Price: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Adventure Takes Courage!: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Garcia's Paean: A Gift of Compatibility: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • The Path of Papers: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • While the Dream Lingers: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Cost-Effective Hook: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Even Beasts Stumble: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Vimana Agama: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Until Vana is Healed: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Varuna Gatha: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Memory's Final Chapter: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Static Views, Part II: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Courage is in the Heart: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Where Are the Fierce Creatures?: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Aranyaka: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • An Unwavering Culinary Dream: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • The Foolish Fatuus: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • Agnihotra Sutra: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
  • A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird: 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP

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Unlocking the Sumeru Reputation Board in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation Board is just like any other Reputation Board in Teyvat. You are tasked with World Quests and Bounties. Keep in mind that in this game, you are allowed to complete only three Requests and Bounties in a week across all of Teyvat’s regions. And each Reputation Board only raises the Reputation level of a player in its region.

So if you are focused on Sumeru City, then make sure that you only partake in the tasks assigned by Sumeru’s board. Below you will find a list that enumerates all of the rewards that each of the Sumeru Reputation Level in the format [Sumeru Reputation Level (Reputation EXP required): Reward].

  • Level 1: Recipe: Butter Chicken
  • Level 2 (450 Sumeru Reputation EXP): Brightwood Pottery Worktable; Plain Brightwood Shelf; Feature Unlocked: Sumeru Mining Outcrop Search
  • Level 3 (500 Sumeru Reputation EXP): The Boon of the Elder Tree
  • Level 4 (550 Sumeru Reputation EXP): Sumeru: Observance; Recipe: Talchin; Feature Unlocked: Sumeru Merchant Discounts
  • Level 5 (600 Sumeru Reputation EXP): Ultra-Hot Burner Lamp Test Model
  • Level 6 (650 Sumeru Reputation EXP): Brightwood Grocery Stall; Brightwood Kebab Kart
  • Level 7 (700 Sumeru Reputation EXP): Sumeru: Unsullied; Recipe: Biryani
  • Level 8 (750 Sumeru Reputation EXP): Instructions: Dendroculus Resonance Stone
  • Level 9 (800 Sumeru Reputation EXP): Diagram: Dendro Treasure Compass
  • Level 10 (850 Sumeru Reputation EXP): Wings of the Forest (glider cosmetic)

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As you are already aware, the release of the region of Sumeru was like a re-release of the entire game as it brought out so much content. As your Reputation level goes on increasing, you will unlock interesting new Sumerian Recipes and Furnishing Blueprints to learn.

When you get to Reputation Levels 8 and 9, which require 750 and 800 Sumeru Reputation EXP respectively, you will be taught how to craft a Dendroculus Resonance Stone, and a Dendro Treasure Compass. Each of these items is extremely functional during the exploration of Sumeru.

And that is all there is to Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation Board! This is an important and fun feature for you to try out in the city of Sumeru in Genshin Impact if you have a taste for collectibles. If not, you could just enjoy the main quests.


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